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The initiative "2015 Champions for Germany, Austria and Switzerland" ran with great success until the end of 2016. The goal is to support young people between the age of 14 and 25 years old through in their personal development to become more self-confident, committed and value-oriented people. In our definition, champions are people who set desirable goals and are committed to achieving them. Companies, public institutions as well as private individuals support young people to participate in the championship courses within the Initiative (see brochure). So far, more than 2000 young people young people were given support through the Champions courses to form their professional and private life path in German-speaking countries. At the beginning of year 2017 the next initiative "100 Champions" was launched, which in turn consists of regional initiatives. Our goal is to build YOUTH GLOBE teams in other regions around the world and grow with a number of partners. At the Champions night that took place in August 2017, an award was awarded to a Lebanese Participant who accomplished one of the initiative courses and gave a brief summary about each chapter of the MOC course known as the Making of a Champions Course (see video).

We are looking forward to a wide range of support within the framework of the Champions initiative, and we ask for your understanding if some of the texts are only available in German or English or if some of the information is lacking, since we are still in our start-up phase in Spain.

For more information please download the Brochure below.


Brochure of the initiative

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Champions Course – Overview

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