Learn more about former participants and form your impression of the courses through the references varying from companies, schools, employment agencies and parents.

GlaxoSmithKline Hendrik Schipp, HR Manager

It was most important for our decision for participation, that our trainees would learn practically oriented topics like setting priorities, planning of the right activities, and their goal-oriented and effective implementation. We were surprised by the effectiveness with which our trainees could implement the course contents into the daily practice. Positive changes in the areas of confidence, communication abilities, team working abilities and motivation are great examples of that. Therefore, we regard the course “MoC” as an opportunity to appreciate good training performance through participation.

Tippmann family, Leipzig

Dear Mr. Arlt and dear Mr. Zimmer, on this day, the day after the LMI final event, we want to thank you. Since last year you have helped our son develop tremendously. Thanks to the LMI events he was supported and challenged. He set his goals and he worked and is still working on them. For Mark, the training helped strengthen his professional goal. He could gain professional insight into economic companies and thanks to a comprehensive test he could analyse his strengths and weaknesses. We are thankful for the new experience we made canoeing, and the perpetual motivation by Mr. Zimmer that helped Mark fulfil his tasks and work on his goal implementation. The evening yesterday impressively showed us the step ahead that the young people have taken. We witnessed various presentations that were full of creativity and energy. We wish you lots of success for the upcoming courses and participants.

Dr. Ingolf Menzel, Dresden

Dear LMI instructors and organisers, I want to thank you very much for your great commitment for running the course “The Making of a Champion”. Content-wise, and as the father of Jannis Menzel, the course had appealed to me very strongly. This course can go toe to toe with higher management trainings. The topics are well prepared, the training materials and the organisation of the events over an entire school year guarantee success. Since my son has visited this course (11th grade / 2012-13), the world has moved for him. Suddenly he’s motivated and he gets up in the morning full of excitement. His school results have improved by 0.3 grades. Applying a new learning technique from the course, he has completed this hated topic excellently. His desk looks like an office – he has a list full of deadlines. Of course, he hasn’t ‘t become an entirely different person, but he now has the firm will to study, and to strive for “business informatics”.

Aber das wissen Sie ja – es ist ja auch Gegenstand Ihres Kurses. Auf jeden Fall hat er sich für die Ferien zu 2 Praktika angemeldet und sieht so eine gute Möglichkeit, sich gezielt auf das Studium vorzubereiten.

Uwe and Bettina Koppermann, Leipzig

Dear Mr. Arlt, we want to thank you very much for our daughter Irene (as well as our daughter Anne before her) being able to successfully participate in the LMI course. She has improved in all subjects and she was amazed by the meetings and workshops. For Irene, the course was no burden in addition to school work, but a great gain to improve her performance and reach her goals. I hope that many youths will use this opportunity the course provides, and thereby create a basis for their further life.