Stefanie Zepnik



Hannes Nortjé


As a doctor of Philosophy and Theology my first impression on hearing and reading about 100Champions was just pure excitement. It was immediately clear to me that this is exactly what we need today, young(er) people being guided and empowered to take ownership of the (holistic) leadership potential in them, a potential each one is born with. The reason is simple, in a world that is changing so fast that every decade seems like the wheel has been almost reinvented again, young and upcoming personal leaders are an imperative to make sense of this vertigo thrown at people still constructing their place in this world. Good overall leadership is what renders good careers, sound families and prosperous endeavours, not only in terms of the corporate world, but ultimately for all of humanity. In short, the demarcation between success and failure, and now we are talking about the whole of people’s lives, is leadership, the personal ownership of a leadership that can set the course and weather the storms of the challenges life hurls at people, and so much more “vulnerable” young(er) people. As someone that has been involved in some form of education my whole life, I wish I could have done this program when I was carving out my career and place in the world. Als Doktor der Philosophie und Theologie war mein erster Eindruck beim Hören und Lesen von 100Champions einfach pure Begeisterung. Mir war sofort klar, dass ist genau was wir heute brauchen, dass junge Leute geführt und bevollmächtigt werden, das (ganzheitliche) Leadership-Potenzial in sich zu ergreifen, ein Potential, mit dem jeder geboren wird.